Mental health during lockdown

by | May 27, 2021

Why it is important to keep mental health strong during lockdown?

Due to Covid-19 pandemic most of countries are under lockdown and people stay at home. Because of that the social connections between the society and people are reduced. People try to adapt a new lifestyle during this period but sometimes they forget to keep their mental health good and strong. Some people think throughout the day about negative things such as what will happen if they positive for Covid-19. Many previous studies show these kinds of negative thoughts can affect human immune system adversely. As a result of that, some people can be infected coronavirus in real because their immune system is not strong to destroy the virus in the body. Therefore, it is important to keep mental health strong during this period.

What are the things you can do?

  1. Make a daily routine
    Because the daily routine has changed from child to adult during this period, it is important to make a daily routine. Otherwise it will difficult to adapt new lifestyle and you do will not get your meals and sleep on time. Lack of sleeping is one of the main reason for poor mental health. Therefore you should make a daily routine which consists of good balance of work or learning, eating, leisure time and sleeping. By having a proper daily routine, you can maintain strong mental health.
  2. Improve your thinking ability
    As you get lot of time to spend at home, you can think about creative things like new innovations as well as you can write poems, songs and stories. By doing these things your thinking ability and creativity will be developed and it will help to remove negative thoughts from your mind. Another thing you can do is reading research articles, magazines or other books. You can learn lot of new things and it will definitely improve your ability to think in a wide range.
  3. Keep in touch with your familyThis is the best tip you should follow because social connections are falling apart during this period. As the whole family stay at home during this period, this is the best chance to enhance love, caring and sharing among family members. For that, all of the family members can play games, discuss about various things and also exercises can be done by participating all of the family members. Also each of the family member should try to remove negative thoughts from the family. To keep social connections during these days you can contact your neighbors and relations via calling them or though social media.
  4. Be familiar with the natureAs you cannot go to the outside from boundary of the house, you isolate in the house and it will adversely affect to your mental health as well. To get out from this situation you can go to your home-garden and try to do new changes to your home-garden. You can plant new floral or other type of plants during this time. It will add a new look to your garden and create your own happiness in your mind.Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Written By Tharushi Jayawickrama

Undergraduate of University of Colombo

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